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Tohono O'oham Nation of Arizona

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A tribal police officer who stopped a vehicle on a federal highway found nearly 2,000 pounds of marijuana and a stolen truck, a U.S. Customs spokesman reported late June 29. Roger Maier said three men fled when the officer halted the truck on Route 15 near the village of North Komelik, 24 miles south of Casa Grande, Ariz. No suspects were in custody June 30 and the investigation was ongoing. The officer called Customs for assistance after spotting what appeared to be bundles of marijuana. Besides the 1,983 pounds of marijuana, authorities also found night vision goggles, a semiautomatic pistol and two automatic AK-47 assault rifles, Maier said. "This is just huge. That pickup truck was packed, front to back.'' The truck was loaded with marijuana in Mexico and taken across the border in a remote area on the Tohono O'odham reservation, he said, adding the truck was stolen in Phoenix. Border Patrol agents arrested two men in a second truck traveling with the first one. They were released after providing information on the truck found with drugs. Maier noted that Customs agents had found a total of 800 pounds of marijuana in two other vehicles crossing the reservation early June 28.