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Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona

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The nation plans to build a $15.2 million museum to house artifacts belonging to its Hohokam ancestors a millennium ago. Pots, jewelry, tools, beadwork, shell ornaments and bowls are among artifacts the tribe plans to have in hand by 2003, when its cultural museum opens. " ... to obtain our ancestors' belongings, we need a facility and staff to keep them safe," explained Adam Andrews, chairman of the cultural museum committee. The museum may showcase artifacts now held at Arizona State Museum on the University of Arizona campus, the National Park Service's Western Archaeological and Conservation Center, on North Sixth Avenue near Speedway, and other sites. "The tribe will be very careful and sensitive to what will be displayed. Some traditional people are adamant against certain displays." The nation's legislative council has voted to appropriate the money, and on Sept. 20 the committee will review feasibility studies on two possible sites: on the reservation's Gu Achi and Baboquivari districts. Gu Achi is about 35 miles northwest of Sells and Baboquivari is about 20 miles south of Sells. Sells, the tribal capital, is about 60 miles west of Tucson.

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