Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona


Stepped up border patrols have forced more traffic through the Nation. And, the searing desert heat has claimed yet another victim, teen-age mother Yolanda Gonzalez of Mexico. She is one of six illegal immigrants found dead of heat-related exposure in early June. So far this fiscal year, 19 have died, much ahead of a year ago, officials report. And with summer still officially several weeks away, "we're expecting that it is going to get worse," said tribal detective Doreen Manuel. "It's so dry, its suffocating." Only a few ounces of precious water remained in Gonzalez' 18-month-old daughter' bottle when border patrol rescuers found her alive in the 100-degree Memorial Day desert heat - next to her fatally dehydrated mother. The problem has been escalating as immigrants pour into the state by the thousands each month.