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Tohono O’odham files suit against Glendale

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SELLS, Ariz. – The Tohono O’odham Nation filed a suit July 22 against the City of Glendale in state court requesting prompt review of the city’s recent attempt to revive a long-dead annexation of the nation’s property.

After consistently treating this property as unincorporated for more than eight years, Glendale now claims that a portion of the property was actually annexed into the city in 2001. It is clear to the nation that this latest argument from Glendale is baseless and a desperate attempt to delay the nation’s important economic development project.

In 2001, the City of Glendale attempted to annex land which is now owned by the nation. Glendale repealed and abandoned the attempted annexation after the owner at the time sued the city. Glendale now seeks to abandon its abandonment. The Tohono O’odham Nation is taking action to ensure that the nation’s West Valley Resort is not delayed by these extraordinary claims.

“The nation is determined to not let Glendale’s groundless tactics prevent us from moving forward with creating thousands of new jobs and $300 million in annual economic impacts that will help stimulate the regional economy,” said nation Chairman Ned Norris Jr. “We continue to work closely with our community neighbors, building positive and enduring relationships across the West Valley.”

Once the nation’s land is taken into trust, it plans on constructing and operating the West Valley Resort located at Northern Avenue near Glendale and Peoria, Ariz. During the construction phase more than 6,000 individuals will be employed and once the resort-casino is operating, more than 3,000 jobs will be filled by area residents. The nation continues to meet with stakeholders and regional governments to provide updated information on the project, receive input and build positive community relations.