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Tlaxcala Tribe of Mexico Parody Revelry of Spanish Conquistadors … in Brooklyn

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As reported recently in the New York Times, an increasing number of Hispanic Americans are identifying themselves as Indians, tracing their roots back to the Mexico that existed before the Spanish conquest.

The article describes a Carnaval celebration in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with a subversive edge to it. Participants were "costumed, carried whips and wore pink-hued masks that had flush cheeks, blue eyes and thin mustaches — obvious stereotypes of the European conquerors." In other words, the Tlaxcala are satirizing their oppressors, who during the Christian holiday of Carnaval "wore flamboyant dress, drank too much wine and danced late into the night."

Feel like sneering at some drunken colonialist invaders? Here are some videos from Tlaxcala celebrations:

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