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Tiwahe Foundation Launches New Website to Spur Campaign

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The Tiwahe Foundation, the independent, American Indian-directed and -managed community foundation, recently announced its new endowment committee formed to support its Seventh Generation Endowment Campaign. The campaign, which aims to collect $6 million, is intended to secure the future of the Tiwahe Foundation and provide for the American Indian Family Empowerment Program (AIFEP), a culturally responsive grant-making initiative that formed the Twin Cities, Minnesota-based Tiwahe Foundation. Thus far, close to $1 million has been raised.

A new Tiwahe Foundation website,, explains how to apply for AIFEP fund grants and its goal of increasing philanthropic dollars to American Indian causes in Minnesota. The website integrates social media and a donation option.

New committee members were recently named to the Tiwahe Foundation Endowment Committee, including Laura Waterman Wittstock, endowment chair; Valerie Larsen, board chair; and members: Carrie Day Aspinwall, Yvonne Barrett, Daniel Lemm and Alicia Smith. Other members include: Tiffany R. Beckman, James R. Boyle, Conley Brooks Jr., Ellis F. Bullock, Kathy Denman-Wilke, Jackie Dionne, Kelly Drummer, Anthony Genia, Leah Goldstein Moses, Louis F. Hill, John Hinck, LaVon Lee, Trisha Lee Cook, Ronald Libertus, Malcolm W. McDonald, Ronald McKinley, Steven Newcom, Carrie Morris Owens, Joy Persall, Jorge Saavedra F., Elaine Salinas and Maggie Arzdorf-Schubbe.

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