Tiny Polynesian Island Nation Requests Lady Gaga Concert

The island nation of Niue has requested a concert by pop star Lady Gaga.

The country of Niue, a self-governing island 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand has requested an concert appearance from pop star Lady Gaga.

To sweeten the deal, the island's tourism manager promised, in a letter to Lady Gaga's management, that all 1,600 inhabitants would attend the show. "This is something which probably couldn’t be achieved anywhere else in the world," read the letter, "and as far as we know has yet to be achieved by any artist in history."

According to FoxNews.com, which printed parts of the letter, Tourism Manager Hayden Porter said that the "Poker Face" singer is "terribly popular in the island, particularly the young people of course."

"We know it’s a crazy idea," Porter conceded, according to a report at etravelblackboard.com, "but we figure that Lady Gaga is crazy enough that she may just go for it."

The Niueans have proposed the stop because Gaga will be in the neighborhood, so to speak, in early June, when she plays three dates in Auckland, New Zealand. From there, it's a short three hour flight (planes leave weekly) to Niue.

Niue has gone by several names. Captain James Cook, who tried to land there in 1774 -- but was repelled by its inhabitants three times -- dubbed it "Savage Island." Its true name translates as "Behold the Coconut," it's also known as "The Rock of Polynesia" or simply "The Rock," and due to a program of universal free wireless internet service it has picked up the name "WiFi Nation." Niue's population is on the decline: The vast majority of Niueans now live in New Zealand, and a devastating 2004 cyclone only hastened the exodus. With an area of about 100 square miles, Niue is, according to The Independent, the smallest self-governing state in the world.

Lady Gaga's new tour, dubbed "The Born This Way Ball," kicks off at the end of this month in Seoul, South Korea, and will not find its way to Turtle Island until January 2013.