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Tinsel Korey, fake or real?

Have you heard about the controversy surrounding Canadian actress Tinsel Korey? She claims to be Native (of various tribes), but there’s strong evidence that she’s pretending. For instance, childhood friends swear they knew her when she was Harsha Patel, an Asian Indian, and point to a yearbook photo of her.

This is relevant because she’s taking roles from Native actresses (e.g., “Twilight”), appearing at Native events, getting Native awards, and so forth. I’ve written about this in my blog, but I can only report what I’ve heard from others. I think a major publication such as ICT should look into this story. And if it’s true, run with it.

I can put you in contact with people who say Korey is a phony. Please let me know if you’re interested.

This story could tie into the story about people pretending to be Indian in Hollywood sent in by Robert L. Primeaux

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This story has a 700-800 word range with a deadline of May 14.

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