Tim Speaks Ojibwe

A 16-year-old shows how much Ojibwe he taught himself in just 10 days.

Meet 16-year-old Tim. His YouTube channel—called PolyglotPal's—has nearly 500 subscribers and more than 87,000 views over the last year. He posted his first video to this channel on March 24, 2011 when he was 15. The three-minute video shows him speaking Arabic, which he had been learning over the last six months.

Since then he has posted two more videos in Arabic, and other videos in Hebrew, Indonesian, Swahili, Persian, Ojibwe, Russian, Pashto, and most recently, Hindi.

The video below, which he posted August 29, 2011 shows Tim speaking Ojibwe that he taught himself in 10 days. Tim's video got good comments from people, one said " its so cool to see other people speaking our language its a breath of fresh air." Others told him to keep up the good work, and encouraged him to keep learning.

Any effort to preserve any Native American language is a good one. Maybe we should all see how much of a Native language we can teach ourselves in 10 days.