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Tigua Indian Tribe, Texas

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Under a U.S. House resolution approved Sept. 13, tribal membership would require only one-sixteenth Tigua ancestry rather than one-eighth. The resolution needs Senate approval before Congress recesses, possibly by mid-October. "This is a very good thing for the tribe, it certainly allows for a tribal legacy, ensures the tribe will be around for future generations, and they are sincerely hopeful that it passes out of the Senate," tribal spokesman Marc Schwartz said. The Tiguas, also known as the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, began reconfirming its rolls at the request of the BIA and in preparation for the ancestry requirement change. In the midst of the rolls confirmation, the Tiguas banished about 10 families from the reservation when they couldn't prove the one-eighth ancestry requirement. Schwartz did not know if any those families would qualify if the requirement were changed. The Tiguas are one of the few that must get congressional approval to change membership requirements. Schwartz said he did not know why. The tribe has 1,252 members and the resolution by Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, would allow another 500 to join.

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