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Thursday Night: 'All My Relations' Tour Plays New York City

Tracy Bone and Davidica Littlespottedhorse discuss the All My Relations Tour, playing Thursday, August 28, in New Tork City
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On August 29, the All My Relations Tour hits the Big Apple. The traveling musical spectacle, now in its second leg, unites Canadian First Nations musicians Tracy Bone (Ojibway, country) and JC Campbell (Ojibway/Cree, country blues) with Pine Ridge product Davidica Littlespottedhorse (Oglala Lakota, alternative rock). The Thursday night show will take place at the American Indian Community House (134 W. 29th St.) at 7 PM., and the three core performers will be joined by Lauren Sky, Ojibway.

Tracy Bone and Davidica Littlespottedhorse are co-founders of Independence Through Music (ITM), a musical outreach program for Pine Ridge youth. ITM is currently mentoring several bands that play different genres of music. The pair took a few moments to discuss the tour with ICTMN.

What is the idea behind this tour – what are you hoping it might accomplish?

Corporal Johnny R. Manuelito of Naschitti, NM, USMC, appears in his Marine Corps “dress blues” formal uniform, circa 1943, California. Photo is from the Manuelito family collection, provided by Donna Vasquez and courtesy of Stephanie A. Allen Photography.

Bone: It’s about unity and bringing both Native and non-Native people together through music. We want to break down the door as contemporary-Rock, Country & Country/Rock artists while still bringing all people together.

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In line with your ITM project, the All My Relations tour has a youth outreach component. How have the young people responded?

Littlespottedhorse: Our free show at Lodge Grass School District, in Montana, a free concert was amazing! Both the kids and adults really loved the show. They were all surprised that we would travel so far, to their school to perform for them because they are located in a rural isolate area in Montana. Many of them came up to us and said, “Thank you for thinking of us!”

What are your expectations for the New York concert?

Littlespottedhorse: We hope to make connections with the Native American community in New York City, especially with musicians to maintain our growing network. We look forward to sharing our talents with the American Indian Community House because we are aware of the great work and talent that lies in their community. We have offered to make this a benefit concert to support the wonderful work they do.

To learn more about the All My Relations Tour, and for information on upcoming dates, visit the official Facebook page.