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ThunderCloud Radio joins latest online radio world

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ThunderCloud Radio’s new radio station will go live at 4 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 15, with a line-up of DJs and around-the-clock programming.

“We’re very honored to be representing Native music on ThunderCloud Radio and the unprecedented contributions it will make to Native rap, hip hop, R&B, reggae, and electronica music in the North American continent,” said DJ “Big Bad,” president of ThunderCloud Radio.

“These Native music genres have never experienced a uniting on a broadcast stage of this magnitude in history, it is unprecedented. ThunderCloud Radio will connect and intertwine an audience that will be uniquely personal to three countries of indigenous listeners.”

ThunderCloud Radio will connect and build a home for the local Native music community throughout the North American continent, from reservations, villages and urban locals.

ThunderCloud Radio will entertain and inform (through musician interviews, and updates) their audiences with the best Native rap, hip hop, R&B, soul reggae, and electronica music.

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ThunderCloud Radio is committed to the Native community and providing for them exposure to a venue designed for the local musicians and bands in three countries, that has of yet been unavailable in this setting.

ThunderCloud Radio consists of a three-member partnership, DJ “Dan Da Man,” Pamela Rae and DJ “Big Bad.” We set out to pioneer new territory and build an online location for all indigenous hip hop and R&B to reside at.

“Dan Da Man” and “Big Bad” were raised in a recording studio environment and performing onstage while Pamela Rae is an established author and illustrator, with audio engineering higher education.

The goal is to give Native hip hop and R&B a voice while joint venturing with Native organizations that render an alcohol abuse prevention, school drop out prevention, suicide hot lines, and Native college aspirations; in essence to give young Natives a direction. “Rap is a youth market, we aim to provide repetition of .org’s in an underwrite format to give our indigenous loved ones a point of providence,” said “Big Bad.”

Home of “HU-HAA HITZ” ThunderCloud Radio is a nonprofit online radio creating a landmark for Native hip hop, aimed at reaching each reservation, village and metropolitan tribal audience by “rep’n and installing pride in their local music artist, and leaving a message in our underwrites that will imprint in the minds our young adults who are our future leaders, with directives concerning healing and personal growth.”