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Three-Year Old Choctaw Girl Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver Has Died

Three-Year Old Choctaw Girl Struck by Hit-And-Run Driver Has Died
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The three-year old Choctaw girl who was run over by a car in Neshoba County has died.

Kayzlyn Thomas, from the Mississippi band of Choctaw Indians, was struck Tuesday at a Game Stop parking lot in Philadelphia, Mississippi. She was rushed to Blair Baston Children’s Hospital where doctors later pronounced her brain dead. She suffered multiple fractures to her face, a cracked rib and arm.

Authorities determined that it was a “hit-and-run,” and were looking for the driver responsible. Police said that the woman who struck Kayzlyn was white and was driving a dark-colored Chevy Trailblazer. Her family is calling for justice.

Family members told that the woman got out of the car to ask if Kayzlyn was ok, but then fled. “I just don’t understand why she did not wait. She knows who she is,” said Crystal Roach, the girl’s great aunt.

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At the time of the press conference on Tuesday, the woman had not turned herself in. But, officials now saw that they have someone in custody. The woman has not been identified.

Kayzlyn’s family said that she was a big sister who was always smiling and liked to play dress-up.

Kayzlyn’s grandmother, Karen Thomas said that this year Christmas would not be the same.

“There’s a piece that’s going to be missing,” she said.