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Those Hoop-Dancing Duncans! A Proud Mother's Perspective [Video]

Matika Wilbur interviews Maureen Duncan about her famous hoop-dancing children, a group that includes Tony Duncan, Kevin Duncan, and Rito Lopez.
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There's little doubt that hoop dancing has a First Family, and that group of talented performers is the Duncan clan. Tony Duncan has won world championships and gained MTV-level exposure for his turn (so to speak) in Nelly Furtado's "Big Hoops" music video; he was also named the 2013 NAMA Artist of the Year. The other dancers in the family -- Kevin Duncan, Sky Duncan, Talon Duncan, Ken Duncan Jr., Karl Duncan, and Rito Lopez (did we get them all?) -- have also performed at the highest level and won numerous competitions.

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As part of her Project 562 enterprise, photographer Matika Wilbur took pictures of the Duncans and documented their success from a different angle, interviewing Doreen Duncan about her feelings as a mother of such impressive performers. As manager of YellowBird Productions, Doreen plays a vital part in her children's continued success. (ICTMN would also like to extend well wishes to Maureen's husband, Duncan family patriarch Ken Sr., who has just been released from the hospital following a viral cardiomyopathy.)

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