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This Popular Viral Video Is Really Cool, Except for One Thing

We'd like these Finnish heavy-metal bluegrass musicians better if they changed just one thing about their act.
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Ever wonder what would happen if you got some Finnish musicians together, handed them instruments from the American mountain music/bluegrass genre, and told them to jam to some classics of heavy metal?

Well, you can stop wondering -- what you'd get is Steve'n'Seagulls (, a group out of Finland whose covers of "The Trooper" (originally by Iron Maiden) and "Holy Diver" (originally by DIO) have become very popular on music blogs and social media. 

Close your eyes and listen to the music -- you might really enjoy it. There's no denying these guys are doing something innovative and fun -- musically. But we have a feeling many ICTMN readers will be less thrilled about the video.

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