This Music Video Will Take A Tribe Called Red to the Next Level

Watch the video for "Sisters" by A Tribe Called Red, starring actress K. Devery Jacobs.

It's been about nine days since we had any big news to share from A Tribe Called Red -- but that's how it goes when the mainstream is waking up to you.

Last Sunday, A Tribe Called Red won a Juno Award for Breakout Artist -- becoming the first Aboriginal group to do so. Spin lends a little more perspective in a story posted today: "In a land traditionally hostile to anything that’s not guitar music, it’s the first time a non-rock entity has won in the Breakthrough category since the Parachute Club in 1984." 

Today, ATCR has released the first video for a track from their acclaimed second album, Nation II Nation. Called "Sisters," the high-energy tune is visualized with a story of Native sisters going to a rave. On Twitter, Blogger Adrienne Keene (@nativeapprops) praised it for conveying "indigenous joy" and added that it "reminds me so much of all my goofy dance parties with my sister. So much fun."

You may spot a familiar face among the sisters -- it's actress Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs, who starred in one of 2013's most buzzworthy Native films, Rhymes for Young Ghouls.

Up until now, ATCR's videos have been mashups and remixes, visual extensions of their music that have featured vintage movies and cartoons, often looped, intercut with neon-tinted pow wow footage. They've been appropriate complements to the music, but not necessarily inviting to those who weren't already hip to ATCR. The video for "Sisters," with its characters and narrative, is quite different from what's come before. This clip is eminently shareable, likable, bloggable, tweetable -- this feels like a big moment.