'This is a Terrorist Act,' an Idle No More Poem by Alex Jacobs

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is on a hunger strike
since December 11, not far from the front door of Canada’s Parliament
perhaps the most visible symbol of the newest trans border
international native movement #IDLENOMORE
and this of course is a TERRORIST ACT
opined local media in defense of constitution country corporation & god
because Natives are weakened victims of the welfare state
and we are delusional in this hungered weakened welfare emotional state

Of Course, it is a TERRORIST ACT, which was my first response
upon hearing this and how the media talking head experts would react
to the news of another Dead Indian, like monks setting themselves on fire
like people all over the world setting themselves on fire in desperation
like standing in front of a line of tanks holding your bags of groceries
like the first beatings, deaths, self immolations of the Arab Spring
like the new generation of women in India fighting for dignity & justice…
because only as Dead Indians do we have power
the power to get the media government to possibly listen
the power to get lawyers & support groups & interviews & press conferences
& fund raising & headlines & media bytes & celebrities on our side…
In the Americas, Justice stands on the bodies of Indians,
And the hard part is to get Justice to look down…

Sympathy empathy caring for the poor
Nurturing mothering working hard working smart
Unionizing organizing researching protesting
Wondering where they money at
Standing up Sitting down Blockading borders
Not participating Not voting Not consuming
Going on Hunger Strikes
Being Hungry – Being Poor
Saying something about thievery conspiracy collusion
These are all TERRORIST ACTS

Canada is of course a corporation an original corporate nation state
Corporations in full cooperation with government
Which is called “Fascism”, Have bankrupted the world
Have created a Global Economy
So they can bankrupt these world economies Bankrupt the earth’s resources
Bankrupt the Banks Bankrupt the Governments
This is the New World Global Economy This is Fascism
Bankrupting by consensus Bankrupting by holding back
The Corporate Global Economy is Fascism is Terrorism

I thought I had given up some time ago
I saw all the beautiful colors of the rainbow in the 60s
I was howling in the wilderness & on the streets in the 70s
I was hiding hunkering down in the 80s
We all looked up, sniffed the air, looked around in the 90s
Through that small window before the new millennium
We saw it all crash several times
Physically emotionally mentally financially spiritually
By design by conspiracy by collusion by law
We are all Down by Law
Sometimes all we can do is WITNESS
WITNESS the everyday atrocities the cyclical genocides the annual holocausts
The immoralities the realization that government is bankrupt
These banks are committing fraud
Fueling homelessness desperation wanton behaviors class genocides
Committing acts of terror on the populace
As in any war conflict campaign coup d’etat big brother devolution
All agreed to by politicians who have already cashed their paychecks
And credits and chits and promises and campaign contributions
We are all Down by Law
We are all walking Terrorist Acts
By breathing in dissent by whispering resistance
By posting by observing by witnessing by writing
By recording by taping by posting by forwarding
We are all committing Terrorist Acts
Everyday people everyday

(My advice to PM Stephan Harper is to bring some easily digestible food,
some water and juice, bring oatmeal cookies your wife made,
and go visit Therese Spence.
Be human, start there.)

Alex Jacobs, Mohawk, is a visual artist and poet living in Santa Fe.

The image at the top of this page, "Bro Bro Fawkes," was created by the Native multimedia artist, hip hop producer, writer and actor Ostwelve, and is used with permission. Visit him at @Ostwelve