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Thieves beware

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BROOKS, Calif. – At the 2009 World Game Protection Conference, the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians’ Tribal Gaming Agency received prestigious awards for two investigations it conducted at Cache Creek Casino Resort. This event is the largest surveillance only conference in existence with competitors from all around the world.

Founded in 2005, World Game Protection was established to provide casino game protection specialists the latest information on casino surveillance and game security.

The conference, which took place in early March, is a three-day international conference and exhibit focused specifically on casino game protection. Award entries are submitted from around the world to the WGPC board, which selects 10 finalists. The finalists make presentations to more than 200 peers, who then vote electronically to decide the winners. The RTGA won awards for Best Table Game Investigation and Best Slot Machine Investigation.

“We are very proud of the two investigations submitted for the conference,” said Leland Kinter, the RTGA’s chairman. “The competition was very strong, with entries coming from all over the gaming world. We are honored and privileged to have the work we do here at RTGA recognized with these esteemed awards.”

At Cache Creek Casino Resort, the RTGA uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety of the resort’s patrons and the integrity of the games played there. Some of the newest technology includes a 100 percent digital surveillance recording system and sophisticated and specialized high-resolution cameras. Technology, however, is meaningless without the knowledge to use it. For that reason, the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians and the RTGA insist on having the most qualified, best trained surveillance agents and staff in the industry.

“We have always received such strong support from the tribe in all that we do,” said Ray Patterson, the RTGA’s executive director. “Whether it is special training for staff, new equipment or upgrading technology, the tribe has always supported us. With their support, we run a seamless and wel-respected operation.”

The RTGA also prides itself on close and cooperative relations with various law enforcement agencies and the ability to use innovative surveillance techniques to build airtight cases after noticing unacceptable activities at the casino. To affirm its commitment to excellence, the RTGA has conducted training sessions at Cache Creek Casino Resort and in Southern California for district attorneys and interested parties on law enforcement relations and strategies for successful investigations and case development.

“We are so excited about our victory at the World Game Protection Conference and look forward to entering again in the future,” Patterson said.

Among its many functions, the RTGA conducts background investigations on all prospective Cache Creek employees, promulgates regulations for the 2,300 slot machines and 140 table games played there to ensure the games are fair for patrons, resolves patron disputes over the play or operation of games, and works with state and federal regulators (the National Indian Gaming Commission, the California Gambling Control Commission, and the Bureau of Gambling Control) to ensure the integrity of Indian gaming at Cache Creek Casino Resort. Members of RTGA include Kinter, Anthony Roberts, Joshua Avila and Betsy Marchand.