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The Year in Sports: Part III

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It’s been an incredible year for sports in Indian Country, with American Indian and indigenous athletes wowing spectators all across the globe, from the giant waves of Hawaii to the football fields of Pittsburgh. We've been honored to have been here to report on it for you, and we tip our caps to all the amazing competitors who made 2011 so unforgettable. We began with Part I, which we posted this past Wednesday, and then Part II which went up yesterday.

We thought we’d put together a list for you so you could join us in remembering all the incredible things that transpired over the past twelve months in the world of sports. There have been so many incredible moments provided by so many outstanding American Indian and indigenous athletes we couldn't fit it all into one story, so we're bringing you this sports-minded retrospective in four parts, with Part II today.

Without further ado...

  1. Most obnoxious person possible finds the name and logo of the Washington Redskins totally obnoxious.
  2. Most terrifying sport created by indigenous people and requiring the moon's gravitational pull.
  3. Most fearsome athlete with the most impressive head of hair.
  4. Most enjoyable video highlights of the most fearsome athlete with the most impressive head of hair.
  5. Most impressive effort by a professional sports franchise to establish a real relationship with the American Indians of their state, and of whom they adorn their uniforms with.
  6. Most intimidating pre-game ritual in all of sports.
  7. Best idea by a man who became a master of harnessing the power of a huge animal to showcase his rope skills.
  8. Best video footage proving that the man with the great idea really was amazing with a rope.
  9. Most exciting and terrifying sport that involves powerful animals and fearless cowboys.
  10. Most impressive win in a lacrosse matchup between two powerhouse teams.
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