The Yankees Joba Chamberlain Fighting Back From Horrific Ankle Injury


New York Yankees relief pitcher, Joba Chamberlain, Winnebago, is going to see action in a minor league game for the first time since he injured an ankle during spring training playing on a trampoline with his 5-year old son, Karter.

ESPN.com is reporting that Chamberlain is scheduled to throw in a simulated game on Friday, after throwing in a pair of "20-pitch segments" on Monday during his third batting practice session at the Yankees minor league complex.

"Especially after today with the way I felt, the way my command was, I 100 percent believe I can get big league hitters out right now," Chamberlain told ESPN. "That's half the battle, saying you can do it. We're over that hump. I felt like today was my best day, overall."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi liked what he saw, but was hesitant to put a date on Chamberlain's return.

"It was fun to watch him," Girardi told ESPN. "I thought he looked good. I'm pleased. I don't want to get too excited too early. He's a power arm, a strikeout pitcher. He could add a lot if we can get him back to where he was. But let's just see how the next two go and how he responds to some in-game competition where he has to do a lot more things than just throw a baseball.''