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The Week That Was: The Big Stories in Indian Country, November 2, 2014

News stories of interest to Native Americans, on topics including the Navajo Nation election, Washington Redskins, Halloween, and Patricia Michaels.
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It's our recap of the stories that mattered most in Indian country:

POSTPONED: With only four days to spare before the scheduled election, the Navajo Supreme Court on Friday ordered the Navajo Election Administration to postpone the vote and remove Chris Deschene’s name from ballots.

HERITAGE MONTH: On Saturday, National Native American Heritage Month got underway with a statement from President Obama. "For far too long, the heritage we honor today was disrespected and devalued, and Native Americans were told their land, religion, and language were not theirs to keep," he observed. "We cannot ignore these events or erase their consequences for Native peoples -- but as we work together to forge a brighter future, the lessons of our past can help reaffirm the principles that guide our Nation today."

PROTESTING THE SLUR: In anticipation of a protest planned by diverse groups against the Washington NFL team's name this weekend, the Native-owned advertising agency Red Circle and the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media have made a powerful new commercial called "No Honor in Racism."

DENIED: A judge has denied a request from lawyers representing two juveniles accused in the fatal beating of two Navajo homeless men in Albuquerque to have all non-felony charges tried in juvenile court.

TREATS AND TRICKS: ICTMN celebrated Halloween with some Native American ghost stories, while also pointing out the persistence of offensive and racist costumes

BACK, BRIEFLY: Taos Pueblo designer Patricia Michaels returned to TV for Project Runway: All-Stars, but was eliminated in the first episode.

HEAVY HANDED: Russian officials prevented two indigenous leaders from attending the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples this September, according to the leaders and other sources; and charges against one of the leaders was later dropped.

THORPE SAGA CONTINUES: Despite a Philadelphia court's ruling against moving Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe's remains from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma, the long legal battle is still not over for family members and the Sac and Fox Nation.

GAS GIANT: Space-based measurements have revealed a previously unknown cloud of methane hovering over a coal production region on and near the Navajo Nation.