The Washington Post and Associated Press Highlight Native Travel in Four Corners Region


The Four Corners region of the Southwest has long brought travelers from all across the country. The states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona are replete with natural wonders that can boggle the mind. Chaco Canyon, Monument Valley and the Painted Desert are just three examples of the region's splendors that unhinge the jaws of visitors. If you're coming from, say, the eastern seaboard of America, the Four Corners region can feel like martian territory, so completely different and sublime the sights are.

What makes the Four Corners region truly special, however, has long been the Native culture that has called these areas home for thousands of years. The Washington Post published this piece by the Associated Press highlighting some of the region's many Native sights, from Old Oraibi village on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona to the Puebloan cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado.

The piece is worth a read. It's always nice when a major publication sheds some light on the living history that Native cultures foster, be it in the Four Corners region, California or the southeast.