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The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and Social Media

Those interested in following the events at the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues can follow two Native organizations through social media.
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The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 12th Session is currently underway in New York, New York this week and among the many indigenous nations and organizations participating in the discussions all week long are the Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development and First Peoples Worldwide, who launched the Proud to Be Indigenous campaign recently and are encouraging those attending this year’s events to get involved. (Related story: Proud to Be Indigenous Launched for UN Permanent Forum)

Both organizations, the Seventh Generation Fund and First Peoples Worldwide are keeping their respective followers abreast of the events taking place in New York through their Facebook pages.

For First Peoples Worldwide, those interested can participate and follow along at Proud to Be Indigenous on Facebook, or #Proud2BIndigenous on Twitter. The campaign is a socially active way to get Indigenous Peoples around the globe to share their stories, photos and videos on why they are proud of their heritage.

On the Seventh Generation Fund Facebook page the organization is providing useful information for those working on statements for the UNPFII, along with images and information from meetings being held throughout the week.

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