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'The R Word', a Tom the Dancing Bug Cartoon

A racist slur is not offensive if the person using says it's a tribute. Say what? Sounds like a case for absurdist cartoon strip Tom the Dancing Bug.

Tom the Dancing Bug is a comic strip that isn't about a bug—it's about all manner of things, from war to race to Phil Collins. (Yes, that Phil Collins; he's a recurring character.) Tom the Dancing Bug (the strip—remember, there is no bug) has been taking on current issues and eternal enigmas for nearly 25 years, and has particularly thrived online. For lots of Tom the Dancing Bug, visit the strip's home/blog at

The latest installment of Tom the Dancing Bug deals with everyone's favorite racist NFL mascot, and the totally not racist fans who presume to tell people of a certain race why they can't feel insulted. But we'll step aside and let the cartoon do its job:

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