The Nations Group Advisors Executive Named to OSU Foundation Board of Governors


Vincent Logan, Osage Nation member and president of The Nations Group Advisors, LLC (TNGA), a New York City-based financial services firm focused on Indian Country and one of the first American Indian-owned and -managed Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) in the country, was recently named to his alma mater's board of governors.

Logan earned his bachelor of science in political science at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in 1979.

On June 14, 2011, the Wall Street veteran and former corporate attorney was named to the OSU Foundation Board of Governors, composed of 148 men and women with demonstrated achievement in business, steadfast financial support and a motivation to enhance the programs and initiatives of the Foundation.

“Governors are leaders who have an avid interest in advancing higher education and demonstrate personal ties and dedication to Oklahoma State,” Kirk A. Jewell, OSU Foundation president and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

“I’m extremely honored to take my place on the Board and will strive to work toward the goals of the Foundation,” said Logan. “As a loyal alumnus and Native American, I am also proud that Oklahoma State is the leader in the education of Native Americans.”

American Indian students are the largest minority group at OSU, with 2,032 American Indian students on the OSU Stillwater campus, or about 9 percent of the total student body. A total of 355 American Indians earned a bachelor degree at OSU for the 2009-2010 academic year, according to the most recent national rankings. The University ranks among the top colleges in numbers of American Indians who earn degrees in engineering, agriculture, biological and biomedical sciences, finance and financial management services, marketing, and hospitality administration/management.

“Oklahoma is home to about 40 federally and state recognized Native American tribes with diverse cultural backgrounds and proud heritages, and OSU is honored to play a leading role as a launching pad in the education and success of these future leaders,” said Dr. Jason F. Kirksey, associate vice president for Institutional Diversity.

As president of TNGA, Logan works with tribal nations on investment matters, focusing on institutional asset management, investment guidelines and financial education. “My goal has always been to deliver investment and financial best practices to my friends and colleagues in Indian Country,” Logan said in a statement.

“Central to our mission at the Nations Group Advisors is the concept of ‘Community Security,’ which recognizes the importance of aligning each Nation’s social and cultural needs with its economic goals,” said Logan. “With Community Security in mind, we deliver innovative solutions that establish best practices for addressing each Nation’s specific concerns.”

TNGA recommends tribes adopt an institutional perspective to investing, which the firm calls "Institribal" investing. "We advocate tribes allocate like university endowments as our analysis shows they share risk and liability profiles," Alexander Xethalis, TNGA vice president, said in an email to Indian Country Today Media Network.