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‘The more you lose’

I have no tribal affiliation, but I am a subscriber to Indian Country Today because I believe that it is important to know all parts and peoples in the U.S. Mostly I just read, and learn, but recent articles and letters have prompted me to speak up. I am not encouraged by the level of discourse on the candidates. What possible difference could it make to any voter that Sarah Palin is a woman, or that her husband has some minuscule percentage of Native blood?

The issue is what is best for this country as a whole, and the eight years of Republican stewardship has shown us that the party is not up to the job. The economic chaos that we are experiencing now is the product of deregulation, and Ronald Reagan’s “trickle-down” economic principles. Corporate machinations and the war, so costly in lives and dollars, lined the pockets of corporate tycoons. Now that they’ve taken their bonuses, the corporations need a bailout – that’s taxpayers’ money.

Too many people on the reservations are struggling. Do you think you have nothing left to lose? Take a look at who has the money, take a look at your money, and consider what will happen in a worsening economy: the less you have, the more you lose.

– Suzanne Caporael
Stone Ridge, N.Y.