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The Guardians of the Galaxy Save the Summer, One Screen at a Time

Jeffrey Veregge, the NDN Geek, weighs in on the summer action/comic-book movie 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

“They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.”
“What a bunch of a-holes.”

After the success of The Avengers, when Marvel Studios announced that they were going to make Guardians of the Galaxy, most fans of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America were asking themselves: “Who in hell are the Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Flash forward to today: everyone seems to know who they all are.

On the set of 'House of Cards.' Gil Birmingham's caption: 'The time has come...'

Hello true believers. I’m back. Me, Jeffrey Veregge, your friendly reservation-raised NDN Geek. After some heavy art tours that include: TV stars, comic book covers, causing mischief at the Seattle Art Museum and getting my first tattoo (which may or may not be a cat), I am here to share my thoughts on all things geek and nerdy with you all again. So to paraphrase the great Optimus Prime, “Let’s roll out”.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the movie I had been waiting for all year. Honestly, most of last year too. As a fan of the comic series, I could not wait to see these characters on the big screen. It had the look of both The Avengers and Star Wars. It had the hilarious Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec. Plus, it featured a talking raccoon and a walking tree. A perfect mix of fun and adventure.

Did it live up to this NDN Geek’s expectations?

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It sure did.

I loved it. Chris Pratt was everything I hoped for: Funny, charming and heroic. Zoe Saldana was both stunning and deadly: beauty and the beast in one character. Dave Batista was a huge surprise to me as Drax. Being a wrestling fan and a fan of his when he was with the WWE, I wasn’t sure what he was going to be like. But he was great. Held his own and proved that he has a great future ahead of him on the silver screen.

On the set of 'House of Cards.' Gil Birmingham's caption: 'The time has come...'

The real stars for me though were Rocket Raccoon and his pal Groot. In the comics these guys seem to have the best panels and always make me smile. Nothing changed on screen. Now maybe as a Native who grew up listening to legends, myths and stories from our elders that had talking animals and tree spirits you could say I was raised to appreciate this. But I think most crowds, whether they're Native or not, would say that these characters were fantastic.

Marvel Studios is the new Pixar. With this film they proved that they can take characters that are mostly unheard-of to the average film goer and spin a tale that is exciting, fun and makes you crave more. For me the true test of a good film like this is when you go to the toy stores and see the shelves have been emptied. As an avid toy collector, this is both bitter and sweet, and forces Jedi-like patience. I dare anyone to go and look to see of they can find a stocked Guardians display. The movie is that good.

Go see this film this weekend and bring your whole family. Enjoy an action film that will make you laugh and cheer and possibly even dump your popcorn in excitement. You won’t be disappointed.

*If you have seen this film, don’t regularly read comic books and can’t wait for the “green lit” sequel visit your local comic store and pick up the Guardians of the Galaxy book. You’ll see firsthand why Marvel & Disney chose to make this film.