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The Fort Peck Housing Authority is requesting audit proposals

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The Fort Peck Housing Authority is requesting audit proposals for the audits for a 2 - 12 month periods from July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012 and July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013. Also Modernization and Development contracts or projects. Auditor will audit any open Indian Housing Block Grants in that time frame along with the Veterans grant and ROSS grant.

Pursuant to 24CFR 1000.52, proposals will be accepted from Indian and Non-Indian owned Independent Public Accountant firms. Firms wishing to qualify for Indian Preference must state in their proposal that they are Indian owned. The scheduled closing date is Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. (MST) at which time the proposals will be reviewed for completeness. The proposals should be in a sealed envelope and marked AUDIT PROPOSAL. Indian Preference applications are to contain the following:

A. Certification by a Tribe or other evidence that the applicant or parties owning and controlling enterprise are enrolled members of an Indian Tribe (such Tribal certification being adequate to determine enrollment.);
B. Evidence that the applicant Indian organization or individual has its permanent office of residency in the prescribed geographical area;
C. Evidence of Indian ownership;
D. The Proposals may be faxed to the Fort Peck Housing Authority at (406) 768-5489 or mail them to Fort Peck Housing Authority, Box 667, Poplar, MT. ATTN: Dr. Robin Bighorn, Executive Director. For any questions please call (406) 768-3460.

E. Evidence that the applicant has the technical, administrative and financial capabilities to perform contract work of this size and type involved and within the time period provided under the proposed contract, while at the same time not possessing an unacceptable track record. The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will review the proposals and determine whether any applicants are eligible for Indian preference. Preference will be given to IPA's that provide proof of Indian evidence and stock ownership, organizational structure, management control, financing and salary or profit-sharing agreements; and ownership and qualifications. This audit should be completed in accordance with NAHASDA rules and regulations. The IPA will be required to perform a detailed review of payments during the audit period, the review shall include:

1. Verification that payments are properly documented, i.e., travel vouchers, telephone logs, postage logs, proper invoices attached for reimbursable;
2. Correct computation of fees;
3. Written request from authority for the services as set out in the Contract;
4. That the architect's add on fee is proper and included on only items permitted in the contract; and
5. That the hourly rates for employees are in accordance with the rates established in the contract.

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The IPA shall submit to the Fort Peck Housing Authority a written statement that he or she has met all legal requirements concerning registration in the State of Montana and will comply with A-133 standards.

The Fort Peck Housing Authority unit totals: Low Rent - 549, New Mutual Help - 280,

TKIII 9-7 2, TKIII 9-8 - 1, Modernization Projects and 10 units in Development.

Any further information may be obtained from the Fort Peck Housing Authority, P.O. Box 667, Poplar, MT 59255 (406) 768-3459.

The Fort Peck Housing Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals. No member of the governing body, officials, or persons directly involved with the Housing Authority will have any relationship nor privileges. Please contact Dr. Robin Bighorn, Executive Director, P.O. Box 667 Poplar, MT

Proposals will be rated pursuant to the following evaluation factors:

Experience - 35
Indian Preference - 30
Geographic location - 20
Fee - 15