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The Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon Will Go On

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Micah True, the wonder of extreme running who was the model for the mythic figure Caballo Blanco in the best-selling book Born to Run, walked on in April. But his race will live on.

It's been announced that the 11th Annual Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon will be held March 3, 2013 in Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico.

"Since 2003, Micah's simple dream was to run free with the Raramuri, to celebrate as one, with all cultures. In reverence we share this journey with the athletes and their families, running in a spirit of hope, harmony, beauty and peace among our sacred Mother Earth," stated Maria Luisa Walton, La Marioposa Apache, Micah's loving partner, in a press release.

The Raramuri (Tarahumara) Indigenous Peoples are known for their incredible running skills. And the ultra marathon has been an effort to not only push runners to their limits, but to help these Native peoples, who recently have suffered from one of the worst droughts they've ever experienced.

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The press release notes that, "In honoring all traditions of this 50-mile foot race, both cash prizes and food vales (vouchers), are rewarded to the top finishers. Runners completing each loop, receive vouchers which provides maize, beans, rice, flour and non-GMO seed corn for their families. This reward ensures nutritional sustenance to both the physical and cultural survival of the Raramuri people." 

The celebration will also include a Kids' Run - March 2, 2013- A race for the children of Urique, awarding to everyon, finisher medals and shirts. An extended hike option before the main race will be available as well.

Maria remarks: "Micah's vision ignited a bonfire. May his spirit invite you to keep this flame burning with strength, warmth, and light. We will share this glow into the hearts of everyone that loves to run free!"

For full details, visit the race's official website by clicking here.

Memorial for Micah True