The answers are afoot

In Scott Richard Lyons' article about the return of racism in 2007, he asks a salient question, rhetorical or no: ''Would someone please tell me what a Native American foot might be?''

The main difference is that the anthropoid gap between great toe and second toe appears in all other ''races,'' save for American Indians of considerable blood quanta. The current fad-fashionable shower flip-flop footwear apparently work well for all others rather than Natives.

When I, a 3/4 Kiowan, was training in the U.S. Air Force, everyone else got blisters from their new jump boots, Chuka field wear and dress low-quarter shoes. I, however, only got blisters from those damnable shower shoes because there was no significant gap between my great toes and my second toes. Another difference would be that, like most American Indians themselves, we only have been in EuroMan's culture and wearing his footwear for less than 150 years. As a ''man of letters,'' he may dismiss such matters as mere non-genetic characteristics, but well remember that he did ask and now he has an answer.

- Russell Bates

Anadarko, Okla.