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That '70s Song: Redbone's 'Come and Get Your Love' Goes Galactic

The Top 5 hit from 1974 returns, again, aboard a spaceship in a mega-blockbuster movie.

The comic-book adaptation Guardians of the Galaxy is already a huge summer blockbuster; according to the $94 million it raked in this past weekend was the biggest-ever opening for a movie in the month of August. Directed by James Gunn, the movie is about a motley crew of five characters who come together to fight world-killing villains in outer space.

In the first minutes of the movie, Peter "Star Lord" Quill (played by actor Chris Pratt) hilariously dances and sings while lip-syncing to Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love."

The song was a top-5 hit back in 1974, and a natural choice for Guardians of the Galaxy's '70s-soaked soundtrack. "Come and Get Your Love" is also a touchstone of '70s Native culture: Redbone was a self-identified American Indian pop group, made up of brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas (Yaqui and Shoshone) and Tony Bellamy (Yaqui).

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Pat Vegas, the only remaining original member of the group, spoke with ICTMN about the movie and his song. (Side note: Go see the movie – it’s awesome! You can cheer on Pat Vegas and Redbone!)

So the 40 year classic you co-created, "Come and Get Your Love," is playing in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Yes, how about that! it's pretty cool for sure. To be in the hottest movie in the world that is currently breaking all these records… it is unbelievable.

Did you see the movie? How did you feel about Chris Pratt singing your hit into a lizard?

I loved it, and yes I watched the movie. I think it is very good. I don't know about that lizard, but the song sure is good!

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How did they decide to use your song?

The director James Gunn, his mom brought him two songs to listen to while he was working out. One of those songs was "Come and Get Your Love." She said to him, "Work out to these songs..." and he loved it and just decided to put it into the film.

This isn't the first time "Come and Get Your Love" has been in a movie -- what are some others?

It has played a lot of films, The movie Dick, about Richard Nixon, The Postman, I honestly forget how many.

This has been a great year for you with the 40 year anniversary of the song and now Guardians.

This is an exciting year. On August 30, at the Wilshire Ebell theater in West Hollywood during the West Coast American Indian Awards, I will be presented with a lifetime achievement award by the event chairman, Tuskin.

We're going to try to get Chris Pratt to come and do his dance while I sing "Come and Get Your Love." I am excited about the possibility.

Any words to Native artists trying to achieve Pat Vegas success here in the 21st century?

Don't give up, stay and be true to your music and be honest about it. You've got to come from the heart.