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Thanks Native Americans for 'gifts'

A few days ago, I was busy doing several things at once while listening to the news. It caught my attention when the newscaster said that of all the men and women who were serving in Iraq, Native Americans had the largest number of volunteers.

I am an elderly woman, I don't get out a lot and the way America is today frightens me - with all the hate, with no compassion or regard for anyone. Even our children are in harm's way when they go anywhere. I miss the old days when we could jump in the river for a swim or ride in the back of your dad's truck with the wind blowing in your hair. I know how heartbreaking it must be for you to see the way our country has been stripped and used up with no regard for the future. I know your cultures are meant to remember the old ways and cherish them.

I am writing just to say that I am very sorry for what happened in America a long time before you or I were born. I am proud of your young men and women who are fighting and dying for a country that has treated you so harshly. Thank you so much. We don't deserve these gifts.

- Mickie Minnix

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Signal Hill, Calif.