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Tex Hall Vying for Fourth Term as Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman

Tex Hall, chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation, is seeking his fourth term leading the Nation.

In early August, Three Affiliated Tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation Chairman Tex “Red Tipped Arrow” Hall filed campaign papers for reelection to a fourth term. Hall, who was first elected in 1998 and held the position until 2006, was re-elected in 2010 and is now seeking to run again.

According to Hall, “You can’t finish what you started in just four years. In order to continue the progress that we have made, I am seeking to run again for 2014.”

During Hall’s most recent run as chairman, his decisions have led to the turnaround of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara tribe’s economic fortunes. The fortunes have grown considerably from oil production on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

In the last year the MHA Nation has collected nearly $200 million in oil tax revenues and today, current oil production on Fort Berthold stands at about 270,000 barrels every day.

The state of oil production has drawn considerable criticism and praise from the public and Indian country. On one side of the coin, oil production is taking place on Indian country land, yet on the other side; Hall’s administration has created the MHA Nation’s People’s fund from Bakken Oil Royalties which will pay out yearly dividends on interest only to tribal members.

Hall says the Fund is an investment in the MHA tribe’s future and will allow the MHA Nation to increase opportunities for education, care for tribal elders, and will create opportunities for small business.

Hall has also “held the United States to its promise” by facilitating the construction of a $20 million Elbowoods Memorial Health Center as an answer to the loss of 90 percent of the MHA people’s homes which were lost more than 50 years ago when the U.S. Government took control of MHA land in order to build the Garrison Hydro Electric dam.

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When asked about his decision to seek the permit in order to build an oil refinery and the potential to appear as an anti-environmentalist Hall replied that nothing could be further from the truth and that he was a steward of the land.

“It is I and my tribes responsibility to see that we do this in the most environmentally responsible way.”

In 2001 I sought a refinery permit with the EPA so that we could design and construct the first clean fuels refinery to have been built in the United States since 1976. As a result, we will be refining our top quality Bakken crude here at MHA Nation.

“This will create jobs and helps our people. Eventually we also want to build a Natural Gas plant as well,” Hall told ICTMN.

In his campaign’s release, if re-elected, Hall “will continue to prioritize economic development to ensure that tribal families share in the growth and prosperity of the Bakken boom. After construction of the Thunder Butte Refinery is complete, Hall will seek to build a rail spur and site development for a rail-loading facility and diesel refinery near Makoti. Hall will also seek to expand tribal energy capacity by building a natural gas refinery as well.”

Chairman Hall said he is seeking a fourth term… “because he believes that the MHA Nation’s best days are yet to come….with the right leadership, the people will see a tribal government that continues to deliver hope and prosperity and gives each tribal member a chance to succeed.”

Hall also mentioned that he plans to use the oil and gas revenues to develop an Inter Tribal Trade Network whereby the Tribes Refinery will sell fuel to other tribes and in turn buy their products like buffalo and beef for their new restaurants. The tribe will also contribute to the benefit of education and war on drugs. Hall and his tribal council have paid off 125 million in debt and the MHA Nation is debt free.

Hall says his tribe is being asked by other tribes for financial assistance much like Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux who do so much for Indian country. “That will be a hard act to follow but the Inter-Tribal Network will help develop tribal economies long term. We are going to extend our reach as well to help in as many ways possible,” Hall said.