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Tex Hall Releases Statement on Bakken-Related Murder Case

Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation Chairman Tex Hall releases statement on Bakken-related murder case.
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News broke January 14, of a suspected murder for hire plan in Spokane, Washington that allegedly involved James T. Henrikson of North Dakota. The story by presents the story of a business deal gone bad involving the potential extraction of oil from a plot of land. Henrikson’s business partner, who lived in Spokane, was shot and killed in December, and Spokane police detectives just announced the arrest of an area man and released information that connected him to Henrikson. Henrikson is currently under federal investigation, along with three others, for defrauding Moheshu Energy, Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation Chairman Tex Hall’s oil company, out of millions of dollars. Today Hall released a statement on the story’s allegations:

“In light of the recent irresponsible and unfounded allegations made in the press regarding any involvement I may have had related to James Henrikson or the Henrikson investigation, I want to set the record straight. First, protecting the privacy and ensuring the safety of my family is my highest priority. Second, I have been fully and actively cooperating for several months with law enforcement professionals at the tribal, state, and federal levels. Third, obviously I have zero connection or affiliation with any gangs. In fact, one of the priorities of my Administration has been to rid the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation of gang activity. Unfortunately, reckless journalism has led to the publication of entirely baseless and, frankly, ridiculous, allegations that I have some kind of involvement with gangs. While I am not personally afraid of any allegations made about me, I do believe that they cross the line when they jeopardize the safety and well-being of my family. And reprinting baseless allegations also, unfortunately, has the effect of jeopardizing and hindering the Henrikson investigation. The bottom line is that I have been cooperating to the fullest extent of my abilities with investigators to make sure that justice is swiftly and fully served in this case and that the victims’ families see the justice they deserve. I have fought my entire career to keep our tribal Nation families safe, whether here at home, Watford City, or even Spokane and I will continue to fight for this as long as I can. I urge everyone to allow this investigation to move forward to its conclusion and to respect the privacy of all of our families.”