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Tennessee Newspaper Writes ‘Trojans Scalp Indians,' Mayor Tweets Story

Newspaper Posts “Trojans Scalp Indians” in Headline, Later Changes it to “Blast”

When reporting on this past weekend’s Dyersburg, Tennessee, football game, in which the Dyersburg High School Trojans played the Northside Indians, the State Gazette reported on the story with this headline: “Trojans Scalp Indians, coast to 37-14 second round win.”

The headline was changed, “Trojans Blast Indians…” on the same day it was published, November 17.

This incident fell on the same weekend as the now infamous “Trail of Tears” banner that was displayed at a McAdory High School game in Alabama.

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The headline was criticized over the weekend on social media. Twitter followers found the State Gazette’s headline as they searched for content on the McAdory incident.

The State Gazette removed the headline, but did not issue an apology. “We had an anonymous complaint on our web site saying they felt it was inappropriate. We felt it was a valid complaint and quickly changed it,” Sheila Rouse, the paper’s publisher, said in an email to ICTMN.

The paper used Twitter to promote the article as well, but the headline, as it appears below, had not been changed by the time ICTMN published this article. The paper sent just one tweet.

ICTMN has discovered that John Holden, Dyersburg's mayor, sent this tweet:

Despite several calls and emails to the mayor’s office for comment, no phone calls were returned. At press time, however, the tweet had been deleted.

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Dyersburg High School is the second high school after McAdroy to display a "Trail of Tears" banner.

You can read the updated version of the story here