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Tee Time With Urban Native Girl

Now I don’t want all you boys thinking that I’ve neglected you. I certainly keep your fashion wants, styles and needs in my thoughts just as much as I do the ladies'. And so, since most of the guys I know love to wear their casual tees, let's check out some of the latest and greatest styles from around the globe.

Be Brave

This bold tee is the signature Diesel brave logo done on a stone colored jersey fitted shirt. The graphics pop in bright colors, which gives it a little more stylish street cred. This one is for the guy who likes the graffiti vibe while not being overly gangsta baggy.

Get it @: Diesel, $35 USD.

Tomahawk Chop

Lucky Jeans is known for their vintage tees that often feature a Native feel. Check back each season for their new releases if you dig these duds. They're generally pretty fitted, so you can show off all that hard work you put in at the gym during the winter.

Get it @: Lucky Jeans. $35 USD.

Feeling Chiefly

Graphic tees are always hot in the hipster havens, but this one has a particularly fun feel that will be welcome whether you're out for a night playing pool or having brunch on the weekend. The heather grey gives it that casual vibe that makes it just right for hanging out and feeling chiefly. Keep in mind that Urban Outfitters are lean and mean fitted.

Get it @: Urban Outfitters. $28 USD.


For those of you who like to rep the northwest coast all over Turtle Island, this long-sleeve tee is just for you. It’s one of Tahtlan artist Alano Edzerza’s newest creations from his Edzerza Sports line, which was created after his success with ASICS and the Netherlands Olympic uniforms. The eagle design is sure to get you some attention whether you're starting the pow wow trail early or just hitting up the Electric Pow Wow.

Get it @: Edzerza Sports. $50 USD.

Go Geronimo

Go big or go home. If you like your clothes oversized, this Native Threads tee has got you covered. Whether you're headed to the basketball court or just hanging out, these threads will keep you looking like the warrior that you are.

Get it @: Native Threads. $24 USD.

Lisa Charleyboy is Urban Native Girl—visit her at