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Taurid Meteors Salute the Veterans

The Taurid Meteor Shower has the potential to dazzle with fireballs in the wee hours between midnight and dawn on November 12, as the U.S. celebrates Veterans Day.
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Insomniacs, fishers and other pre-dawn perambulators may want to turn their eyes skyward as Veterans Day proper segues into the holiday Monday, checking for fireballs from the Taurid meteor shower.

That’s the potential of this annual fest that emanates from one of the Seven Sisters, what we know today as the Pleiades. The meteors shoot from the constellation Taurus the Bull, of which the Pleiades are a part.

In the early hours of November 12, the Taurid Meteor shower will peak just after midnight, bestowing upwards of 10 meteors per hour. Visible from anywhere in the world, the shower has been going on all weekend, though it will peak tonight, Sunday November 11–12.

“The North Taurids are generally a very modest shower, offering perhaps 10 meteors per hour on a dark, moonless night—like those this weekend,” says. “But even one bright meteor can be a treat, especially since a good percentage of the Taurid meteors tend to produce fireballs!”

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And our old friend Venus will be back too—remember that since the Transit of Venus on June 5-6, it has been the Morning Star rather than the Evening Star—it graces the sky, complementing the slim crescent moon, just before sunrise, according to Moreover, Saturn will be visible low in the east as well, the astronomy site reports.