Tanka Bar Hosts 'Harlem Shake' Contest


The Harlem Shake has become the hottest dance trend and meme across the U.S. thanks to Baauer. In mid-February, at the height of the mania, more than 4,000 videos featuring the words “Harlem Shake” were posted daily to YouTube, Time reported. 

Now the Oglala Sioux-owned Native American Natural Foods, maker of the Tanka Bar, a buffalo jerky and cranberry bar, has jumped on the Harlem Shake wave by launching a video contest that concludes end of day March 8.

The company is requesting submissions of Harlem Shake videos with a reference to the Tanka Bar or buffalo. "This could be anything from pretending you are the Tanka runner to actually eating the product while you 'shake,'" the instructions state. The winner will receive a Tanka T-shirt and a variety pack of Tanka products. 

Below, KILI Radio creatively incorporates a buffalo head into its Harlem Shake Lakota Style video. 

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Go to the Tanka Bar website for a full list of contest instructions.