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Take stock, then vote

It is with a heavy heart [that] I read of Native Peoples’ support of the Palin/McCain ticket. Every four years, the Republicans say they will show respect; and once elected, they break that promise. Palin/McCain view Native health and other programs as just another “entitlement,” but one that is easy to destroy because no one else will notice. The “self-sufficiency” they emphasize in their platform really means you’re on your own, the “YOYO” philosophy.

Ask yourself how Indian country has fared during the last eight years? How many promises broken, services compromised, and budgets cut or eliminated? If, after answering, you still want to vote for Palin/McCain then by all means do so. If the answers are not good, then you should consider Barack Obama.

Obama will have a White House liaison just for Indian country – we will have a real voice at a level that makes a difference. He recognizes that we struggle to make ends meet. He knows what it is like – his mother had to use food stamps to feed him as a child, so he had very humble beginnings and he worked his way up. He emphasizes self-sufficiency also, but it includes a “hand up” with assistance for education and children’s programs, and new career training.

He is very, very intelligent, so he is more than capable to resolve today’s complicated problems. He will regain the respect that we have lost in the world. He would never claim Indian blood just to win an election.

We need a fresh, new start. We need a vision of the future. We need our government to work for us.

– Barbara Sockey

Potomac Falls, Va.