Suzuki Cashes in on Appeal of Sled Dogs, Eskimos, and Native Language for Super Bowl Ad


Suzuki decided to let everyone see their big Super Bowl ad well before the game on February 5, and here it is, entitled "Sled." The ad features an Eskimo who trades in his sled for an all-wheel drive Kizashi, Suzuki's mid-size sports sedan. You can watch the ad and let us know what you think in the comments.

Clearly, Suzuki's going for the theme of, no matter what our backgrounds, or language, we share universal truths, such as husbands annoying their wives (wait until the end of the ad for this part). Aside from the use of Eskimos (Suzuki apparently held a casting call in rural Alaska), the car company is also banking on another universal truth—the adorability of dogs.

Also, this is the second year in a row Suzuki's had a big Super Bowl ad that involves the snow. Last year it, was this slightly terrifying commercial involving evil snowmen.