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Suquamish adds Subway to stable of businesses

Port Madison Enterprises is one of the largest employers in the county

SUQUAMISH, Wash. - Who would've thought a sandwich could do so much?

A Subway franchise opened in Suquamish Village Square Nov. 22, 2004,
introducing a healthy alternative to fast food, creating 12 jobs and
bolstering Port Madison Enterprises - the Suquamish Tribe's economic
development arm - as a business powerhouse in the county.

The Subway restaurant is another part of Port Madison Enterprises' economic
diversification strategy. Port Madison Enterprises' first venture, Masi
Shop gas and convenience store, opened in 1987, retail outlet manager Jim
Russell said. In 17 years, it has expanded to include Suquamish Clearwater
Casino, Kiana Lodge, Suquamish Village Square Texaco, Suquamish Seafoods
and Subway.

Today, Port Madison Enterprises employs 680 people, of which 18 percent are
American Indian, according to Robin Lawless of Suquamish Human Services.
That number of employees does not include those who work for the Suquamish

Port Madison Enterprises is the fourth-largest employer in Kitsap County,
according to the county Economic Development Council. That ranking excludes
military, federal, state and county agencies.


Subway manager Ben Rogers said the franchise was built in response to local
concerns that there be an alternative place to eat at Suquamish; Several
residents complained that they had to drive into other communities for a
quick bite to eat.

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Rogers and Russell said Subway's healthy image is a plus.

Diet and nutrition are big issues in Indian country, an issue not lost on
Port Madison Enterprises. Rogers went to franchise training in Milford,
Conn., where Subway is headquartered.

"They stress low-carb wraps," Rogers said. "It's not deep-fried food. It's
a healthier alternative."

The menu is varied and includes vegetarian and seafood options as well as
meats. All sandwiches and wraps are made to order with fresh bread,
vegetables and other ingredients. Customers also get copies of nutritional

"It's not fast food. It's a quick-service restaurant," Rogers added.

Rogers has four-and-a-half years experience in food and beverage and
previously worked at the Clearwater Casino's Longhouse Buffet.

Subway says it has 22,466 restaurants in 79 countries and has surpassed
McDonald's in number of restaurants. The Suquamish Village Subway is
located at 18480 Suquamish Way N.E. in Suquamish.

Suquamish Village Square is owned and operated by the Suquamish Tribal
Council, the seven-member elected governing body of the Suquamish Tribe.
The Suquamish Tribal Council appoints the Port Madison Enterprise Board,
which oversees the casino, Subway and other tribal business enterprises.

Richard Walker is a correspondent reporting from San Juan Island, Wash.
Contact him at (360) 378-6289 or