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Supports restitution

The leaders of the Mexica Movement are some of the main organizers of the current national protests against proposed legislation to make ''illegal'' immigrants felons.

I am spearheading a local, national and international movement to regain the Mdewakanton Dakota indigenous people's sacred name for our Minnesota's Rum River. And I am also trying to replace Minnesota's 19 other white racist geographic place names.

I support the Catholic bishop's protests against current proposed legislation to make ''illegal'' immigrants felons. Our white Euro-American culture does not belong here. I believe that, to some extent, mixed-blooded indigenous peoples' cultures belong here, and that only full-blooded indigenous peoples' traditional cultures fully belong here; and that the only illegal immigrants are white Euro-Americans and other foreigners living among the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Our bishops are finally starting to understand that 500-plus years ago our church instigated an injustice against the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. They need to apologize for what happened, work toward stopping the ongoing injustice and offer restitution to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. It's time to give the indigenous peoples' homelands back to them and quit imposing our culture on them.

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- Thomas Dahlheimer

Wahkon, Minn.