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Supporters fight to get Nader-LaDuke on Oklahoma ballot

OKLAHOMA CITY - Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke have filed a suit in federal court against the Oklahoma State Election to force the state to put Green Party candidates on the November ballot

Oklahoma City police are charged with interfering in a petition drive that came up short on signatures, and the Green Party candidates maintain Oklahoma puts an unfair burden on independent presidential candidates to get on the state's ballot.

Supporters accuse Oklahoma City police of preventing their attempts to gain signatures on a petition to include Nader and LaDuke on the November ballot. The group was 150 signatures short of the 36,202 signatures required by the state. Deadline for filing petitions was July 17.

Supporters testified that many volunteers quit the petition drive after being harassed by police. One volunteer testified he was arrested by the Oklahoma City police during the Red Earth Festival as he attempted to get signatures for the petition.

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If the court action fails, Oklahoma may be the only state without the Green Party candidates on the ballot.