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Support the Iroquois Indian Museum - Get Your Own Little Boy the Cat T-Shirt

Support Iroquois creativity: Support the Iroquois Indian Museum fundraiser with your own Little Boy the Cat T-Shirt.

The Iroquois Indian Museum has launched it’s most recent fundraising campaign to help the Museum fulfill their mission to support Iroquois creativity through the presentation of Iroquois art exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and performances. But the best part of this year’s annual fundraiser includes a t-shirt with the Iroquois Museum’s feline friend and Chief Feline Officer, Little Boy.

According to Stephanie Shultes, director of the Iroquois Indian Museum, “Little Boy first appeared as a skinny, skittish stray in the summer of 2012. With lots of love and attention from staff, volunteers and museum visitors, he has become a friendly, confident, secure, and much valued member of the staff.”

The Iroquois Museum’s feline friend and Chief Feline Officer, Little Boy.

The Iroquois Museum’s feline friend and Chief Feline Officer, Little Boy.

“He spends his days overseeing work in the office and keeping various chairs warm. On occasion he will make an appearance downstairs to greet visitors and have his belly rubbed. He enjoys playing with the turtles in the Museum’s indoor pond and keeping the Museum mouse free.

According to Shultes, there was a mysterious accident in the spring of 2013 resulted in the loss of part of his tail, but she says it hasn’t had any effect on his cheery personality or his good looks.

"In 2014 he was given the illustrious title of CFO (Chief Feline Officer), a position he takes very seriously,” said Shultes.


Video: Little Boy the Cat Asking For Donations for Nature Path Signs

This year, donations to the fundraising campaign on include a retro inspired t-shirt with an image of Little Boy designed by graphic artist Alicia Burnett.

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“Donations also help us to purchase art directly from Iroquois artists for sale in our Museum Shop and for our permanent collection,” Shultes told ICMN in an email.

“Our CFO (Chief Feline Officer) Little Boy is selling fun vintage inspired t-shirts emblazoned with his portrait! The money he raises through selling these shirts will directly benefit creative Iroquois individuals by enabling the Iroquois Indian Museum to bring artists to the Museum for workshops and art shows, and make purchases for the permanent collection.”

Video: Little Boy, the Iroquois Indian Museum's Chief Feline Officer

Shultes also told ICMN how Little Boy has become a bit of a celebrity at the Iroquois Museum. “Many visitors specifically ask for Little Boy when they arrive and he is always available to meet and greet!”

For more information about the Iroquois Indian Museum please visit their website at or their Facebook page at

Purchase a Little Boy T-Shirt on the fundraising site here:

Little Boy has a number of videos on Museum’s YouTube Channel:

About the Iroquois Indian Museum

The Iroquois Indian Museum is an educational institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Iroquois culture using Iroquois art as a window to that culture. The Museum is a venue for promoting Iroquois art and artists, and a meeting place for all peoples to celebrate Iroquois culture and diversity. As an anthropological institution, it is informed by research on archaeology, history, and the common creative spirit of modern artists and craftspeople.

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