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Superheroes Meet Native Design in Jeffrey Veregge's Work

The work of artist Jeffrey Veregge, who fuses his passion for superheroes like Spider-Man and Batman with pride in his Native heritage.

Graphic designer Jeffrey Veregge (Port Gamble S'Klallam) created his first 'Native Superhero' design just a few years ago, at a point when the Seattle-based graphic designer was searching for a new, personal and bold direction in his work.

"For me it wasn't just trying to create art as geek or nerd, but as a Native I felt like I had something unique to offer," Veregge says. "That's my appreciation for all art and design, my passion for heroes, robots, aliens and monsters, and my pride in where I came from, being to be brought together."

Veregge studied with Tsimshian master carver David Boxley to learn the basics of Salish form line design, a traditional style that influenced the superhero series. He's also a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle.

"There is a time and place for preserving the old ways, the traditions," Veregge says. "But then there is the call for all artists to push the limits, find new ways to say things, and new stories to tell."

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"Amazing," March 2012, by Jeffrey Veregge

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Artist Jeffrey Veregge in his natural habitat