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Sun Flared, Aurora Sizzled—Send Us Your Footage

Video of the spectacular northern lights shows above the North Pole are trickling onto the Internet, with these showcasing the displays resulting from the January 23 solar storm that sent plasma hurtling toward Earth.
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All over the north for the past few days, the recent plasma burst from the sun's coronal mass ejection (CME) has produced some spectacular aurora borealis sightings. From Alaska to northern Canada and Europe, photographers and videographers grabbed and compiled images. Here's a sampling for those of us who were not quite at the correct latitude. These shots are mostly from Norway, but we know that ICTMN readers in Alaska and Canada are photographing and videotaping the Northern Lights this week in the wake of the storm. Send 'em to, and we will choose a selection for posting.

We start with the ABC News report on the lights.

And here's an ITN News report from the northern U.K., where the lights made a rare southerly appearance over England and Scotland.

This time-lapse comes from northern Norway, January 23 and 24.

Here is Associated Press time-lapse video from Norway.