Summer Solstice International Competition Powwow in Ottawa

A story about the Summer Solstice International Powwow being held in Ottawa, Canada, starting on National Aboriginal Day.

All weekend Ottawa, Ontario will be alive with the amazing Summer Solstice International Competition Powwow. And with more than $65,000 in prize money, there will be some fantastic dance competitions featuring some of Turtle Island's best dancers, from the tiniest tots to our most respected elders. There will also be timed competition specials throughout the weekend.

The pow wow is part of the Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts Festival, being staged in Canada's capital June 21-23. June 21 is National Aboriginal Day In Canada and is celebrated throughout the Great White North; June is National Aboriginal History Month. The weekend's events in Ottawa are hosted by the Native Women's Assocation of Canada.

This year the pow wow welcomes North Dakota's Young Bear as the host drum. Denis Bowen and Ryan McMahon will serve as co-MCs.

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