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Sturgis fan has second thoughts

I'm a biker from Nova Scotia, Canada. One of my dreams has been to attend the Sturgis bike rally. This is how I happened upon your Web site. I've always believed that real bikers and American Indians had something in common: the love of the land and the freedom to worship it in their own way.

Being from as far away as I am, I don't claim to know all the laws and the situation beyond what I'm reading. However, it seems to me that this [rally] is the kind of thing that should not take place in view of the important spiritual issues involved, which once encroached upon, may have long-lasting or permanent negative effects. The reason I want to go to the Sturgis rally is because of the ''wild West'' type atmosphere that I expect to see when I get there. It seems to me that this is a commercial step that has short-term benefits for a few but will tend to degrade the overall culture that I as a biker want to see. It's like the old saying, ''penny wise, pound foolish.''

In other words, it's a lack of regard for the religion of the people who found this land to be sacred in the first place and seems to be nothing more than a short-sighted money grab that will set a precedent for destroying the culture that makes the rally what it was in the first place. There must be a better solution or compromise.

- Charles Inness

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