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Students Try to Save Lakota Sioux Class

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When Lakota Sioux Language and Culture class was about to be canceled at Denver’s East High School, the students took matters in their own hands, 9NEWS reported. The problem arose when the teacher resigned for personal reasons, two days before the classes were to resume. "Lakota class doesn't have a teacher anymore. I almost cried," said Andrew, a sophomore.

But the students didn’t waste time on crying, and came up with Plan B. For the past week, they have been conducting their own studies, helped by the school’s security guard, who is Native, and by a licensed Spanish teacher. Currently, the students are looking for a credentialed Lakota Sioux teacher. According to 9NEWS, if the school doesn’t find a teacher by next week, the students may be forced to switch classes, or the Lakota Sioux class may have to be replaced with a culture class without language instruction.

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