Student Video Discusses Preserving Native Culture

A video by Dartmouth College students discusses the preservation of Native American cultures, specifically the Apache.

A YouTube video titled, “The Enduring Native - How Native American Culture has been Preserved,” by Dartmouth College students Jesse D.L. Beamish, John A. Steward and Thomas A. Cheese, discusses how the Apache culture has endured the many challenges it has faced.

In the video they discuss how Native cultures are not identical and show a National Geographic video of a Mescalero Apache 13-year-old girl’s passage into womanhood.

The four-day ceremony, which culminates in an all-night dance to test endurance, is meant to prepare girls for the trials of womanhood.

The group then interviews a Native American student who also attends Dartmouth. Elijah Moreno, a member of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, shares his views on preserving the culture.

When they ask him what is most valuable to Native culture, he says, “I think language is a really important aspect of tribal identity because it’s one of those things that theoretically isn’t tainted or altered by Europeans.”